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Increase your Weight Loss Center’s Revenue


Weight Loss CentersMDI Increases Weight Loss Center Revenues

By utilizing MDI’s menu of available in-office tests your Weight Loss Center can provide a more thorough treatment plan for your patients. We have tests that can provide vital patient information for creating treatment plans such as: Complement Antigen Testing, ALCAT Tests for food alergies, and PCI Heart Scans for cardiac health etc. All MDI tests can be performed at the convenience of your own offices.

Not only does MDI allow your Weight Loss Center to provide an enhanced treatment plan to your patients, but MDI tests can help increase and grow your revenues. By providing your patients with a more thorough treatment option your Weight Loss Center increases its revenue per patient.

Partnering with MDI can immediately make an impact on your Weight Loss Center through better patient care and increased revenue growth.


Weight Loss CentersTransition from Cash to Insurance

Today, most Weight Loss Centers operate a patient paid cash business because many major insurance providers do not cover weight loss treatment plans and procedures. By partnering with MDI our suite of tests can enhance your Weight Loss Center’s treatment plan and even help get it covered by major insurance providers!

Transitioning your Weight Loss Center from patient cash payments to insurance payments will significantly help your business grow. You will increase the number of patients, increase your revenues with a more robust treatment program and collect on a higher percentage of payments.

MDI can take your Weight Loss Center to the next level by accepting insurance payemtns for treatment plans.

Case Study

Weight Loss CentersCase Study: How MDI Helped Grow A Texas Weight Loss Center’s Business

In early 2013 MDI partnered with the leading Weight Loss Center chain in Texas. MDI offered in-office testing for new and current patients to enhance and optimize their treatment plans.

As a result the weight loss treatment plans were able to be more tailored to each patient and resulted in a faster and healthier weight loss progression. All the tests were performed in-office which made it very convenient for patients and doctors alike. In addition to the patient benefits the MDI partnership also allowed the Texas Weight Loss Center to take insurance payments for the treatment plan. The MDI tests made it possible for major insurance providers to accept the plans and this resulted in 1) increased revenue; 2) increased number of eligible patients; and, 3) an increased payment collection percentage.

MDI was able to help this Texas Weight Loss Center significantly grow their business and roll out the new test procedures throughout the state.