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PCI Heart Scan (Mobile IMT)

MDI Performs PCI Heart Scans In Your Offices

PCI Heart Scan (Mobile IMT) test is a painless non-invasive ultrasound procedure that uses sound waves to measure the thickness of your carotid artery wall. Mobile IMT (Intima-media thickness) testing of a patient’s carotid, coronary and abdominal arteries show a 95% correlation to the development of disease. Therefore, a carotid scan will also show your doctor the condition of vascular health for all your arteries.


Your carotid artery scan, mobile IMT, is compared to the data in our proprietary interactive database of over 4000 patients of which over 40,000 data points have been mapped and categorized by age, gender and ethnic background.

A PCI HeartScan will accurately identify plaque formation, the development of lesions and arterial blockage in its earliest stages of disease development.

Echocardiogram (ECG)

An Echocardiogram (ECG) is a test that uses sound waves to create a moving picture of the heart. The picture is much more detailed than x-ray image and involves no radiation exposure. A trained sonographer performs the test, then a heart doctor interprets the results. An instrument that transmits high-frequency sound waves called a transducer is placed on the ribs near the breast bone and directed toward the heart. The transducer picks up the echoes of the sound waves and transmits them as electrical impulses. The echocardiography machine converts these impulses into moving pictures of the heart.

Vascular Studies

Vascular studies are a noninvasive (the skin is not pierced) procedure used to assess the blood flow in arteries and veins. A transducer (like a microphone) sends out ultrasonic sound waves at a frequency too high to be heard. When the transducer is placed on the skin at certain locations and angles, the ultrasonic sound waves move through the skin and other body tissues to the blood vessels, where the waves echo off of the blood cells. The transducer picks up the reflected waves and sends them to an amplifier, which makes the ultrasonic sound waves audible.

Blood Tests:

Happy Client Say:

I have a very busy, comprehensive spine care practice and I needed to upgrade the existing electro diagnostic services in my practice. MDI came in and revamped our entire approach and now I couldn’t be more pleased with the care that we provide. MDI understands both the art and business of medicine which makes them a wonderful partner! Great patient care and a ‘clean’, hassle-free revenue stream. That’s what I call a WIN-WIN!

– Johnny Benjamin, MD Vero Beach, Florida

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