What MDI Customers Say:

  I have a very busy, comprehensive spine care practice and I needed to upgrade the existing electro diagnostic services in my practice. MDI came in and revamped our entire approach and now I couldn't be more pleased with the care that we provide. MDI understands both the art and business of medicine which makes them a wonderful partner! Great patient care and a 'clean', hassle-free revenue stream. That's what I call a WIN-WIN!
- Johnny Benjamin, MD Vero Beach, Florida
  My practice is very pleased with our partnership with MDI, and I highly recommend their service: 1) MDI’s doctors are great with my patients, 2) Their service and billing is very reliable, and 3) We’ve added a simple, new revenue stream. Lastly, both my patients and I love the fact that I can offer their service directly in my office.

- Foster Malmed, DC New York
  I have partnered with MDI for 6 years and highly recommend them. Their doctors and technicians are highly qualified and provide great patient care. In addition, my practice has added new revenue streams by providing NCVs, EMGs, and Ultrasound directly in our office, instead of referring them out. They are truly a good partner.

- Henry Rojas, MD New York