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    Increase Revenues for your
    weight loss center
    Transition your weight loss centers from cash to insurance.
    Provide in-office lab tests to enhance your weight loss effectiveness.

Offer More Services Enhance your Weight Loss Center

Weight Loss Focused

We offer a suite of lab tests to enhance your weight loss center experience.

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Insurance Covered

Our lab tests are fully covered by most major insurance providers.

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Outsourced & In-Office

All tests are performed in YOUR offices by trained technicians.

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We Help Increase Revenues why choose MDI?

  • Increase Revenues

    Increase revenues by offering more robust in-office testing.
  • Take Insurance

    Move from cash to insurance with MDI's insurance approved tests.
  • Better Weight Loss Effectiveness

    Patients no longer need to go to separate facilities for tests.
  • In-Office Tests

    Maintain your direct to patient relationship by offering in-office tests.
  • Quicker Lab Results

    Receive lab results quicker and improve your patient's experience.