How it Works

How does in-office testing work?

Schedule Patients

Per your schedule and volume, MDI sends a certified NCV/EMG professional to your office once or twice per week. You no longer need to send your patients out to have these tests performed.

MDI Performs the In-Office Tests

MDI 1) performs the NCV/EMG tests in your office, 2) interprets the report, and 3) electronically delivers the report to you. It’s so convenient that it’s like having your own NCV/EMG testing equipment and specialist on staff.

Discuss Test Results

You meet with your patient to discuss the results and additional care all in the convenience of your offices. Providing additional tests can help optimize and ensure a safe and healthy treatment plan.

Execute Billing

Based on your insurance agreements, and your patient mix, we will jointly create a billing model that is in everyone's best interest. In addition, MDI can execute the entire billing cycle.