How can MDI Benefit your office?

Increase Revenue for Your Weight Loss Center

Through a partnership with MDI, you will receive and create an additional revenue stream by offering in-office testing. In-office tests can enhance and optimize your treatment plans and increase revenue through expanded services.

Make Insurance Payments Profitable

All of MDI tests are covered by major insurance providers nationwide. Instead of taking cash payments for your treatment plans, partner with MDI to get your treatment programs covered by insurance and increase your overall revenues.

Better Weight Loss Effectiveness

Patient does not have to go to another facility, and your direct care of the patient is maintained. This added convenience will ensure a seamless and productive relationship with your patients.

Simplified Billing

Based on your insurance agreements, and your patient mix, we will jointly create a billing model that is in everyone's best interest. In addition, MDI can execute the entire billing cycle.

Zero Up-Front Risk

No capital expenditure to purchase equipment or hire new Doctors and/or Technicians. MDI provides the equipment and the expertise all at the convenience in your office. Expand your services without the upfront payment risk.